Making Complex Ideas Accessible

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We often refer to our work as “making complex ideas accessible.”

That’s because our clients are smart people with big ideas they want to share.

But usually, they’re not sharing them with people who are already experts on the topic.

They’re sharing them with people who need to learn more, but don’t have the experience or vocabulary of an expert. So the ideas need to be simplified, organized, and presented in ways that make the knowledge accessible to a beginner or layperson.

We do that by reducing specialized jargon, organizing ideas into a logical structure, and presenting concepts in conversational language.

It’s not easy work. We have to ask lots of questions, and sometimes do some research ourselves.

But it’s immensely satisfying. Especially when we hear firsthand from readers that we’ve helped them grok a tough topic and learn new and exciting things.

The non-fiction book “Free Is Bad”, which we worked on in 2020, has been given high marks from readers, not only because the content is important and valuable but because it’s understandable and accessible.

And that means we’ve done our job. 🙂

“This book is an easy read, authoritative, and insightful.”

“The author does a nice job taking a sometimes complicated subject and making it understandable for those who don’t have a history in Ad-tech.”

“John Marshall makes it simple and entertaining…”

“This book distills complex information about technology and advertising ecosystems into an easy-to-understand format.”

“Excellent description by an insider expert of a complex field…”

“The best history of the web that I’ve read…”

“This is one of the best tech books I’ve read in years.”

“This book is an important work… A must read.”

If you’re interested in the book, you can find it here.

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