Simplilearn Is 11 Years Old

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Simplilearn is 11 years old!

It’s exciting to see the company still growing, now having served over 2 million learners!

Back in 2009 our principal Chip Street joined Market Motive, a startup in the distance learning industry and the first to focus on digital marketing training, as employee #2. He focused on content development and course editing, helping smart people reach more learners.

7 years later the company merged with Simplilearn, at the time one of the world’s largest technical training providers. Chip became the U.S. Brand Manager, guiding all the messaging directed at the North American market, and training the overseas content teams to localize materials for N.A.

While we’re not working with Simplilearn anymore, we still feel connected to the team there and we’re super happy to see them continue to grow, helping technical professionals learn new skills, hone existing skills, and improve their lives.

Congratulations, team!

Published by Chip Street

Content specialist || Founder/Principal, William Street Creative || Former U.S. Brand Manager, Simplilearn || Former Marketing Manager, Market Motive || Former Founder/President, Group Of People

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