Bedrock Financial Services Hits 45 Projects and Counting

Bedrock Financial training resources

We’re happy to announce that we’ve hit our 45th project with Bedrock Financial this month.

Bedrock supports financial advisers with the tools they need to help Federal employees plan and enjoy the retirements of their dreams. Bedrock provides a blend of traditional marketing tactics and new-media marketing strategies to help take their advisers’ businesses, and retirees’ finances, to the next level.

We’ve helped create well over 60 video training courses aimed at both advisers and retirees that help explain the delicate ins and outs of Federal retirement, including CSRS, FERS, FEGLI, TSP, SSI, and more.

And we’ve helped develop traditional assets like web content, brochures, flyers, and webinars as well.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done with Bedrock, and look forward to many more projects that help change lives for the better.

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