Online Training Helps Turo Partners Build Successful Businesses

Turo Host Illustration

Have I mentioned how much we love new clients, and the opportunity for learning new things they bring us?

We’ve been working with Turo, an international car-sharing platform, to help create a business eLearning resource for their hosts. The aim is to help those hosts scale their businesses, build measurable goals and business plans, properly manage their finances, and deliver outstanding service.

This is a new vertical for us, so we’ve really enjoyed reviewing their SME documentation. We’re learning tons about this space, and at the same time, we get to bring our own expertise and experience around both building businesses and structured online training to turn those existing super-smart SME docs into super-effective training videos.

Every time we get to help a client create eLearning resources that are ultimately aimed at improving people’s lives, we consider it a win-win for everyone involved.

Published by Chip Street

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