Retirement Finance Books Delivered: V1

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We’ve been working for several years with one of our favorite clients to develop a series of training videos and supplemental materials that teach federal employees how to plan for their retirement finances. We reviewed hundreds and hundreds of pages of existing SME assets, restructured them into an appropriate flow for video delivery, and then wrote scripts for narrators to deliver the teaching material.

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been adapting those training video materials into shareable ebooks. As you can imagine, the structure and voice of books designed to be read are different from those of scripts that are designed to be performed by narrators.

We’re stoked to have delivered the V1 of those two volumes, which clocked in at 183 pages and 94,358 words, including worksheets.

183 pages and 94,358 words

v1 delivery August 2022

To get this done, we took hours and hours of those training scripts and restructured them (again! LOL) into book manuscripts that deliver all that learning material into downloadable ebooks, complete with worksheets and guides.

There were loads of redundancies to be identified and stripped away because many of the training videos were designed to be standalone lessons, and lots of them shared certain universal information that every learner needed to know.

While the lion’s share of retirement finance information is universal to all federal employees, it’s not identical for all. “Special services” employees, like police officers, firefighters, and military personnel, have certain unique pension considerations. Rather than shoehorning in all that unique content into a single volume, this one robust book will be duplicated several times over, each version delivering those sections that are unique for each audience.

It’ll probably be mid November when this project is final edited and complete, but we want to share progress wherever we can!

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