New Client Announcement: Riiid Labs

We are super excited to work with Riiid, Inc, a South Korean AI tutorial startup.

Riiid is an AI Tutor solution provider serving the education market with cutting-edge AI technology. Riiid licenses its technology to test prep companies and businesses looking to create eLearning programs for employees.

In May of 2022 Riiid announced a $175 million investment round from SoftBank Group Corp’s Vision Fund 2, and were named among “The 10 Most Innovative Education Companies” by Fast Company.

The SAT is going through some big changes, not the least of which is a move to a wholly digital delivery system in 2023. That means changes in the specific skills tested, and to the testing process.

We wrote eLearning scripts and blog posts designed to help students understand how the SAT is administered, what the new digital version will bring, and what they can do to best prepare for success.

We love projects where we can help learners improve skills and achieve real change in their lives!

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