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Faeries – Trilogy – 2023 Release

These fairies are not your daddy’s Tinker Bell. Turns out what the Northern California mountain folk call “faeries” are really voracious, echo-locating pack hunters with rows of razor teeth. And they don’t take kindly to developers destroying their pristine wilderness. This trilogy starts out in the 1850’s mining town of Beaver Creek, where mysterious attacks are destroying a new rail project, and brings us to a 2022 uprising that destroys a brand new executive retreat in the mountains. If you like The Descent and Tremors, this series is for you. Based on the award-winning screenplay of the same name.

Arachnodactyl – 2023 Release

Bad things happen when you mix the DNA of a mummified pterodactyl and a spider in a secret desert lab outside L.A. But it’s nothing a badass merc and her crew can’t solve with the help of a drunken crop-dusting pilot. A true creature feature in the mold of Them, Tarantula, The Deadly Mantis, and Sharktopus.

Captain Liberty – In Development

In this alternate history, it’s a decade after WWII, and America is now in the grips of the Cold War. The Russians pose a threat, but so do lone-wolf bad actors like Baron Mind and his minions, with sights set on world domination for their own selfish ends. Standing as a beacon of hope and decency, the mysterious Captain Liberty and his sidekick Liberty Lad take on the forces of evil while giving America hope for a future of prosperity and opportunity. This serial is inspired by the likes of The Shadow, Commando Cody, Doc Savage, and the more recent Rocketeer.

Praise for Faeries: “A lively, unusual slasher that delivers plenty of gore, and introduces a new set of monsters that could be worth a franchise … Clear and atmospheric writing that flows easily down the page. I enjoyed it. Definitely above average writers.”

Shriekfest Screenplay Competition