New Book Project: Lessons In Entrepreneurship

Really excited to be working with a serial tech CEO to help craft a new non-fiction book. We’ll be outlining the many lessons and best practices they’ve gleaned over the years. It has a great original approach to building a successful business and promises to be an insightful read. Of course, I can’t talk aboutContinue reading “New Book Project: Lessons In Entrepreneurship”

New Client Announcement: The Objective Brand

Once again stoked to be working with some new people. The Objective Brand is a brand and design consultancy that mostly works with finance-related businesses to create content and assets that convert. I’m writing a few lead-gen assets to help one of their clients connect with folks who need financial planning advice. We always appreciateContinue reading “New Client Announcement: The Objective Brand”

Evolving Search Terms For eLearning, Online Learning, Distance Learning

I was doing some research into recent developments in eLearning — particularly writing scripts for online learning which is my specialty — and I realized I didn’t know what the most current terms might be for what it is we do. Yes, I know, I should know. But it’s an evolving industry, and things changeContinue reading “Evolving Search Terms For eLearning, Online Learning, Distance Learning”

New Client Announcement: McKinney-Vento Education Compliance Training

We are thrilled to be working with another new client in the education sector, this time focusing on credentialing programs and essential staff training. McKinney-Vento provides resources that help school districts implement effective homeless education programs by training staff to identify the signs of homelessness and connect students to their local liaison. We’ll be writingContinue reading “New Client Announcement: McKinney-Vento Education Compliance Training”

New Client Announcement: Riiid Labs

We are super excited to work with Riiid, Inc, a South Korean AI tutorial startup. Riiid is an AI Tutor solution provider serving the education market with cutting-edge AI technology. Riiid licenses its technology to test prep companies and businesses looking to create eLearning programs for employees. In May of 2022 Riiid announced a $175Continue reading “New Client Announcement: Riiid Labs”

Online Training Helps Turo Partners Build Successful Businesses

Have I mentioned how much we love new clients, and the opportunity for learning new things they bring us? We’ve been working with Turo, an international car-sharing platform, to help create a business eLearning resource for their hosts. The aim is to help those hosts scale their businesses, build measurable goals and business plans, properlyContinue reading “Online Training Helps Turo Partners Build Successful Businesses”

Shakespeers Lets Kids Unleash Their Creativity

We are thrilled to start work with Shakespeers! Shakespeers is building a fantastic educational platform for kids to learn about creative writing and share their writing projects with others. The project has an excellent pedigreed team and early-stage funding. Our job was to help create the first 100 daily writing prompts, giving creative inspiration toContinue reading “Shakespeers Lets Kids Unleash Their Creativity”

Making Complex Ideas Accessible

We often refer to our work as “making complex ideas accessible.” That’s because our clients are smart people with big ideas they want to share. But usually, they’re not sharing them with people who are already experts on the topic. They’re sharing them with people who need to learn more, but don’t have the experienceContinue reading “Making Complex Ideas Accessible”

The Single Worst Mistake You Can Make Hosting a Webinar (Or Writing Teaching Content)

On the subject of teaching and training online, we’ve recently been attending a few learning webinars from “subject matter experts” (SMEs) and we’re seeing the same one horrible mistake over and over again. In our years in the distance learning industry we’ve managed hundreds of live teaching webinars for SMEs. And there are ways toContinue reading “The Single Worst Mistake You Can Make Hosting a Webinar (Or Writing Teaching Content)”