Scripts For Learning

Training Scenarios & Narration

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are super smart people who are experts in their fields.

But they aren’t always the best teachers. They can find it hard to communicate their specialized knowledge to learners who aren’t already experts themselves.

And their teaching documents can be complicated in ways that don’t make it easy to transfer knowledge.

That’s where we come in.

We review, edit, organize, and simplify SME content so it’s more accessible and engaging while keeping its educational value intact.

Then we take that optimized SME content and write scripts for a narrator or actors to record; turning best practices into story-driven scenarios that keep learners focused and engaged.

We’ve written and edited hundreds of training scenarios for the Digital Marketing, Home Health Care, and Retirement Finance niches.

Working with an Instructional Designer?

If you’ve got an Instructional Designer developing your course, we’ll work with them to ensure our scripts meet the needs of your target learners and complement the supplemental teaching assets.

All of this is done in stages, with reviews and input from the ID to ensure we’re all staying on track with the teaching goals of the course.

Keeping learners engaged in the material improves knowledge retention and training completion rates; which is not only the goal of the training provider, but also of the corporate clients who are investing in training for their teams.

Learn more about how we work with IDs.

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He goes above and beyond and can’t help but think deeply and analyze every project he is working on … an invaluable resource for any project you need assistance on. You won’t be sorry!

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