SME Content

Brand-building Assets for Thought Leaders

If you’re a Subject Matter Expert (SME) you’re already an authority in your field.

Over the years, you’ve gathered lots of notes, made lots of slide decks, and maybe spoken at conferences and gatherings.

You’ve consulted with important clients, and identified the best practices that make a difference. Your insights are original, and you’ve created your own time-tested systems, processes, and tools.

The value you bring to your customers and industry are unique, and people respect that.

Now add author to your resumé.

Turning all that expertise into a book, article, edutainment product, or other asset can enhance your authority among your peers and clients.

We can help.

We’ll work with your existing materials, organizing your personal brain-trust into a structured project that represents your unique talents, insight, and voice.

We love this freelancer so much we are rewriting three separate contracts for him. His work is timely and exceptional. It honestly seems like there isn’t anything he can’t do or write for us!

Jennifer Ong, Bedrock Financial