What People Say

“I had the immense privilege of working with Chip at Market Motive. He is methodical, he is a great project manager and always takes it to the next level when it comes to our creative collaborations (from videos to live classes to text content). If you are looking for someone to inspire you with his storytelling skills, Chip’s your man!”
Avinash Kaushik, Digital Marketing Evangelist, Google

“We love this freelancer so much we are rewriting three separate contracts for him. His work is timely and exceptional. It honestly seems like there isn’t anything he can’t do or write for us!”
Jennifer O., Bedrock Financial

“He always advocated for great content as an important piece of the overall user experience. He worked closely with designers and developers to ensure content integrity, and mentor the team on the importance of well-written, scannable copy for readability, SEO, and brand alignment.”
Michael Barnes, Interaction Design Lead, ROKU

“Whether he’s writing narrative content or brainstorming naming conventions for an interface, he’s focused on intuition and simplicity for an optimum user experience. He understands how to balance creativity with design and functionality, and works well with information architects, developers, designers and marketers to deliver content that engages users, and improves usability and retention.”
Erik Perotti, User Experience Leader, Plantronics

“At last, a writer who thinks like me. Only better.”
Jessica Bowman, SEOInhouse

“We worked on several initiatives at Market Motive ranging from producing videos to marketing, to engaging with current and future customers. I’d highly recommend, and hope we work together again.”
Brad Geddes, Co-founder, Adalysis

“I liked your script! Thank you! Once it takes off, I will come back to you for more stories! Again, thank you for your help!”
Alexander Polenok, WizarLabs Inc.

“I really appreciate your feedback about issues in the story! I also appreciate these funny suggestions! They’re great! I’m going to add all of these. Thanks for helping me fix it up!”
Erikka Innes, Writer/Director/Comedian

“I think you’ve done a great job! I wasn’t expecting myself to laugh and smirk that much reading your take on the dialogues that I’ve read so many times before.”
Eugene Ivanov, Candygrill Games

“I’m so grateful for the feedback on the script – I don’t think it would have gotten to a better place on its own, regardless of how hard I tried. I spent a full year doing a re-write based on your notes, which I hope resulted in a better story. Thank you!”
Jason Nicholson, Normal Network Film & Animation

“I just read your comments. [It] definitely gives the kid motive, and helps me in directing the scene.”
Ram Hernandez, Writer/Director, Red Rocket Films

“You did a terrific rewrite. Thank you for being so open and creative.”
Stan Harris, eKidsFilms