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Plot-driven Content for Storytellers, SMEs, and Trainers

Scripts for Learning

Screenplays for distance learning scenarios, narrators, and informational multi-media.

SME Content

Brand-building books and other assets for Subject Matter Experts and thought leaders.

Narrative Storytelling

Novels, short stories, and screenplays from your concept, outline, or synopsis.

Every project starts with a story.

Who’s your hero? What do they want? What stands in their way? How can you help them achieve their goal? What will happen when they succeed?

Learn how the “plot-driven story” system inspires all kinds of engaging content.

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eGovernment Training Builds A Digital Future

It’s been a good Summer for tackling new projects! We’ve just secured a new distance learning project, writing scripts for an extensive eGovernment initiative (overseas) that will provide training for the next generation of digital communications professionals. Super exciting to be back in the vertical that got us started! And we get to work withContinue reading “eGovernment Training Builds A Digital Future”

Turo Host Illustration

Turo Helps Partners Build Successful Businesses

Have I mentioned how much we love new clients, and the opportunity for learning new things they bring us? We’ve been working with Turo, an international car-sharing platform, to help create a business training resource for their hosts. The aim is to help those hosts scale their businesses, build measurable goals and business plans, properlyContinue reading “Turo Helps Partners Build Successful Businesses”

shakespeers logo

Shakespeers Lets Kids Unleash Their Creativity

We are thrilled to start work with Shakespeers! Shakespeers is building a fantastic educational platform for kids to learn about creative writing and share their writing projects with others. The project has an excellent pedigreed team and early-stage funding. Our job was to help create the first 100 daily writing prompts, giving creative inspiration toContinue reading “Shakespeers Lets Kids Unleash Their Creativity”

“We had a fantastic experience working with Chip and would recommend him enthusiastically. He is an imaginative writer, a clear communicator, and a proactive teammate. He consistently delivered high quality work on time, and he incorporated feedback quickly and effectively. I hope to work with him again on future projects!”

Elizabeth Slavitt, Founder, Shakespeers more testimonials…

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