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SME Content

Brand-building books and other assets for Subject Matter Experts and thought leaders.

Scripts for eLearning

Screenplays for eLearning scenarios, narrators, and informational multi-media.

Narrative Storytelling

Novels, short stories, and screenplays from your concept, outline, or synopsis.

Every project starts with a story.
Who’s your hero? What do they want? What stands in their way? How can you help them achieve their goal? What will happen when they succeed?

Learn how “character-driven stories” inspire all kinds of engaging content.

Latest News

New Book Project: Lessons In Entrepreneurship

Really excited to be working with a serial tech CEO to help craft a new non-fiction book. We’ll be outlining the many lessons and best practices they’ve gleaned over the years. It has a great original approach to building a successful business and promises to be an insightful read. Of course, I can’t talk about…

New Client Announcement: The Objective Brand

Once again stoked to be working with some new people. The Objective Brand is a brand and design consultancy that mostly works with finance-related businesses to create content and assets that convert. I’m writing a few lead-gen assets to help one of their clients connect with folks who need financial planning advice. We always appreciate…

Evolving Search Terms For eLearning, Online Learning, Distance Learning

I was doing some research into recent developments in eLearning — particularly writing scripts for online learning which is my specialty — and I realized I didn’t know what the most current terms might be for what it is we do. Yes, I know, I should know. But it’s an evolving industry, and things change…

“We had a fantastic experience working with Chip and would recommend him enthusiastically. He is an imaginative writer, a clear communicator, and a proactive teammate. He consistently delivered high quality work on time, and he incorporated feedback quickly and effectively. I hope to work with him again on future projects!”

Elizabeth Slavitt, Founder, Shakespeers more testimonials…

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