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SME Content

Brand-building books and other assets for Subject Matter Experts and thought leaders.

Scripts for eLearning

Screenplays for eLearning scenarios, narrators, and informational multi-media.

Narrative Storytelling

Novels, short stories, and screenplays from your concept, outline, or synopsis.

Every project starts with a story.
Who’s your hero? What do they want? What stands in their way? How can you help them achieve their goal? What will happen when they succeed?

Learn how “character-driven stories” inspire all kinds of engaging content.

Latest News

Writing For AI Voiceover

We just got our first project that will use an AI to read our voiceover script. I’ve been running some experiments and the results are interesting.

CareAcademy Course Approved By Alzheimer’s Association

Several years ago I worked with CareAcademy to create a dementia care curriculum. My job was to work with their ID and SMEs to write scripts for narrators and actors that demonstrated best practices through scenario-based lessons. That curriculum has been reviewed and endorsed by the Alzheimer’s Association, the leading organization in Alzheimer’s disease research,…

“Forgive this moment of pride, but I actually am proud of this. Chip Street, did I thank you enough for your wisdom and talent?”

John marshall, author, “free is bad” – more testimonials…

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